My Motivation

I’m working towards earning a degree in Digital Marketing so that I can successfully run a business similar to my WordPress subject. Once I’m finished with school, I’d like to become a vendor at my local farmers market selling plant starters in upcycled material such as egg shells, plastic bottles and glassware as well as other upcycled decorative items for your garden. I’m a big believer in growing your own food and being kind to the environment and wish to teach others what I know and the importance to doing the same.

Eventually I hope to gain enough capital to open a retail store to continue doing that and more. In a perfect world I’d have space for a community garden so that I could give hands on experience to individuals gardening.

I’ve thought a lot about starting a blog before this class so having an assignment where I actually needed to was a lot of fun. The tutorial video for WordPress was helpful and it didn’t take me too long to navigate and edit through the various items on the page.

I’m glad I was able to create a website related to my interest and hope to use it regularly after I finish school. I imagine I definitely will when I begin selling things at the farmers market to say the least.


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