Planter Cans

What You Need:

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Fabric, paint, beads or other crafty material
  • Glue

I want to get straight to the point with what you need for this diy project because I’d rather you make this than read what material I have posted.

I don’t usually buy canned goods but they can often come in handy for quick dinners. Plus, there’s a number of food items you can choose from in order to save your tin can from.

Once you use the contents of your can, be sure to clean it well. The wrapper will be easy to take off as there’s only a small amount of adhesive on the can. After that you’re ready to decorate!

Using fabric is a great way to use your scraps lying around. Using fabric glue, you can glue the ends together but if you don’t have that around, you can also use extra strips of fabric as ties.

If you don’t prefer fabric, acrylic paint or beads would also be good to use. The only part that may be tricky is covering the adhesive if its still one there. Either way, get creative!

Once you’re finished decorating the cans, place soil and the plant of your choice.

I recommend using smaller plants such as cacti or succulents as they won’t need a lot of soil room to grow happily.


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